Cost-effective finance: Loan calculators show best offers


The loan conditions between banks differ significantly, borrowers can realize a high saving potential. But they have to search systematically for cheap loans, it is best to use an online loan calculator. You enter all relevant key data into such a computer and compare numerous offers of many credit houses with just one click. So you can easily find cheap loans .

This information is required

To display suitable loans, users must specify three search criteria. So you specify the loan amount and the desired term. In addition, they should select the purpose, it influences the interest rate. Banks demand a lower interest rate when borrowers invest the money in a valuable asset. The most favorable conditions are granted by banks for real estate loans, and car financing costs less than loans without a purpose.

The results: The best offers at a glance

The results: The best offers at a glance

Based on this data, the online calculators show an overview. The cheapest deals with the lowest monthly rates can be found above. Users can see immediately which donors offer good conditions and which institutions charge high interest rates. This result display only gives orientation, which can be recognized by the specified interest margins. Most banks calculate interest rates based on individual factors, so such loan comparisons publish the lowest possible and highest interest rates.

Ask for individual interest rate concretely

For credit seekers this means: You should ask the banks, which attract attention on favorable terms. The providers then determine based on the personal financial strength of the individual interest rate. On the one hand, they use the income situation for this purpose, on the other hand they check the Schufa file (credit with negative Schufa at ). If there is nothing to prevent them from lending, they send interested parties a detailed offer. Applicants should now compare all the concrete loan offers and choose the most convincing loan. In addition to the costs may also deserve the flexibility in the repayment, this is especially true for longer-term borrowing.


Loans for youth: the complete guide

The least favored category by the Banks is certainly that of young people. With skyrocketing unemployment (it is estimated that 40% of under 35s do not have a permanent job) and the dramatic absence of prospects, many youngsters find it difficult to integrate into society and build a future, and remain so long economic help of families.

Loans for young entrepreneurs

All this is also negatively reflected in the possibility of obtaining loans: how is it possible to apply for a loan without presenting a paycheck or to be able to show an income, albeit a minimum? This means that, in many cases, young people find themselves unable to continue their studies or start a personal activity, precisely because of the lack of funds.

To obtain a loan , in this sense, becomes an important opportunity to put an end to this stalemate: for this reason, the State and the Public Administrations have started a series of non -repayable loans or with particularly favorable conditions, strategically designed for those boys and girls who want to undertake a personal project.

In this article we will list the various opportunities offered by state bodies, municipalities and the European Union : these are ‘social’ loans, aimed at favoring the economic development of less well-off citizens, who can not exhibit particular guarantees.

Loans for students without a paycheck

One type of funding studied ad hoc for young people is that of student loans : these are funds provided to those students who need grants to continue their school or university career, or to pay for any masters or training courses .

In these cases, the sum is paid directly to the young student’s current account, and can be used to cover expenses related to the study: rent (for out-of-town university students), purchase of books or computer support, specialization courses and study trips ‘abroad.

The amount obtained can be returned in two forms: either in a single solution, immediately after completing the training period, or after a year, through an installment plan with decidedly more comfortable interest rates, compared to those of common loans personal. In this way, the young man has time to enter the world of work and therefore the possibility of repaying his debt thanks to the perceived salary.

This is a very interesting opportunity, as it allows less well-off young people to continue their training and therefore find a better job: it is well known, in fact, that university education (or at any rate a high level specialization) is one fundamental tool in the search for a job.

Subsidized loans

An equally interesting opportunity concerns the subsidized loans offered by the European Union, the State or local authorities: these are funds aimed at encouraging the development of small businesses or supporting the most disadvantaged sections of the population, such as housewives, precarious and , in fact, young people without a job.

These loans have extremely advantageous conditions: minimum interest rate, flexibility, installment plan diluted over time, and in some cases they are even non-repayable. The most interesting aspect, however, is given by their accessibility, as it is not necessary to provide any guarantee (paycheck or possession of goods) to make the request, and therefore may also include those who have just completed their studies and they do not yet have a profession started.

Loans for young entrepreneurs

Loans for young entrepreneurs are a good solution for those young people who want to start their own project or business, but do not have the financial means necessary to purchase materials and premises. These are funds provided to those citizens who have not passed the thirty-fifth year of age and who, above all, are able to exhibit a well-defined project: the main condition, in fact, to access this type of funding is precisely the presentation of a convincing business plan , outlined in detail.

In most cases, these loans are non- repayable , that is to say that they must not be repaid: in fact, they are funds allocated to favor certain particular activities or categories of people. A good example is the funding for young farmers , provided by the state agencies to give a boost to the agricultural sector and to revive the economy of the provinces and small towns, facilitating the repopulation of the countryside.

To access it, the young person must prove that he is unemployed and wants to start a personal agricultural activity (or to hold the position of administrator in an existing company), but above all to have acquired the basic skills to work in that field.

There are, however, numerous categories of non-repayable loans: some of them are for research and development, others for the defense of the environment or projects related to alternative energy, biological or recycling, and still others for women and housewives. who want to start a business or graduates who want to perfect their training or start a start-up of their own competence.

The advice we give you, if you are interested in requesting such funding, is to regularly inform the administrations and keep an eye on the portals and websites of the bodies that provide these funds: every year, in fact, they are published numerous calls and competitions, as well as a wide range of online loans are presented with extremely advantageous terms.

Loan from home to home

Anyone who recently wanted to apply for a loan or loan from a bank will have realized how difficult it has become to convince the bank. A loan from private to private is an alternative, because you should get a loan at the bank, the conditions are usually very bad. It is understandable that more and more people prefer to take online loan . Instead of borrowing money from banks, private investors are responsible for raising debt, also known as crowdlending .

Secure loan from home to home

Secure loan from home to home

In the case of private-to-private loan , potential borrowers make a kind of request on the Internet, the so-called loan project. They describe what the money, their personal loan, is needed for, and are then supported by various investors through their investment amount. This creates advantages for both borrowers and investors. Because as a loan seeker you have the chance of personal loan despite rejection at a bank, and as an investor you benefit from average returns of 5.0%. All in all, the loan is developing into an interesting alternative to the normal bank. Business start-ups, in particular, can benefit from personal loans because they often receive no or only a very expensive loan from a bank.

Loan over crowdlending financing

More and more founders are seizing the opportunity to have their seed capital financed by various investors. Investors can invest money in loan projects from as little as 25 euros. The principle proves itself and has already realized 183,000,000 euro loan volume and has over 895,000 members.

As a borrower you describe your personal project and investors have the opportunity to invest the money in the project. Using the crowdlending model makes sense for both borrower and investor. Because as a loan seeker you have the chance to get your desired loan and as an investor you can support these projects with profitable returns. Furthermore, it is possible by diversification to reduce the risk of loss. This form of financing is a great way for founders to bridge the first difficult months of self-employment and get the capital needed to start the business.